Law Clerk at Anastopoulo Law Firm – Victoria Blatterman

Victoria BlattermanFinding a job that is the right fit can be a grueling task for many and one that takes time. And even if one finds the job that they are happy with, that can change over the years as systems change and people change. Victoria Blatterman has enjoyed her time as a law clerk. The transition from special education teacher to law clerk was one that Victoria Blatterman was excited to take on when she began her employment with Anastopoulo Law Firm in May of 2014.

Victoria Blatterman honed in on the skills of compassion and patience during her time as a special education teacher and now takes these skills with her to work through any career. She has taken these abilities and specifically calibrated them to apply to the field of law. Skills such as helping people, being a good listener, and having a good attitude overall were skills that she was proud to have gained as a special education teacher and then being able to put them into further practice as a law clerk has encouraged her all the more. While this was Victoria Blatterman’s first stint as a law clerk, she has continued in this field ever since and now thrives working as a law clerk at George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers. She found a better fit in this career and that was no surprise as she is able to establish her vast experience in helping others and her capability of understanding complex lawsuits to achieve justice for the greater good of the community, the company, the clients and the attorneys.


How Victoria Blatterman Helps Injured Clients Rebuild

Victoria Blatterman

These days, one will find Victoria Blatterman working with George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers, a Charleston, South Carolina as a law clerk. That personal injury law firm works hard to assist those who have been injured in accidents caused by someone else’s negligence with the recovery of as much of their lives as possible. Victoria plays a key role in helping injured parties recover compensation from the responsible party or parties for the damages and losses they suffered, including medical bills, of course, but also lost wages and other income.

With the help of Victoria Blatterman, the Sink Firm’s lawyers will deal with the insurance companies and the opposing parties’ attorneys so their clients do not have to. This is a huge relief, since those people have one major goal; to make sure they pay accident victims as little as possible. If they can get away with paying nothing, they will claim a huge victory. Victoria Blatterman also does a lot to relieve the burden on accident victims, by getting them the doctors and other professionals they need to restore as much of their life as possible.

Special Education Teacher: Victoria Blatterman

Victoria BlattermanWhile she is currently a law clerk, Victoria Blatterman got her career beginnings as a Special Education Teacher in South Carolina..She taught at Ashley Ridge High School for three years and while she moved on from this field, she takes a lot of the lessons she learned as an educator and has brought them into her current field of law.The traits of patience, understanding, and compassion are incredibly important when working with clients that are involved in legal battles.The stress and pressure of the law can be overwhelming for many.This is why Victoria Blatterman is grateful for her time as a teacher as she is able to bring a calm to those around her in her current position.

Rebuilding Lives: Victoria Blatterman’s Help

Victoria Blatterman

Victoria Blatterman does a lot of very important work as a law clerk for George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina. This is one of the finest personal injury law firms in the region, which happens to be where Victoria grew up and went to school. As a law clerk, Victoria assists attorneys at the firm with their job, which is to make sure injured accident victims are fairly compensated for everything they are entitled to, including compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering, but also for loss of consortium and other injuries and damages often caused by accidents.

The goal of the Sink Firm, with the assistance of Victoria Blatterman, is to help people make their lives whole again. Victoria often plays a critical role in helping recover compensation from the responsible party or parties for the damages and losses clients have suffered. They deal with insurance adjusters and opposing attorneys in a way that gets their client the best possible settlement. If they can’t reach a settlement, however, they will happily go to court to get what the client needs. And they usually win.

The Victoria Blatterman Story

Victoria Blatterman currently works with the Charleston. South Carolina law firm, George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers, where she is a clerk for lawyers who work hard to fight for those who have been seriously injured or disabled in an accident through no fault of their own. Victoria Blatterman helps the firm’s clients arrange to get the assistance they need to rebuild their lives and recover from their injuries. She helps them account for their damages and losses, including medical bills, lost wages and other lost income and help them deal with the insurance adjusters and the other side’s attorneys in a way that should bring them the best possible settlement or the best possible verdict, should the case have to go to court.

Victoria Blatterman was born and raised in the Charleston, South Carolina area. After graduating from Ashley Ridge High School, she went to college and spent three years as a special education teacher between 2010 and 2013 before she decided to go into the law to help people. She spent some time as a law clerk at the Anastopoulo Law Firm in Charleston. At various times over the past ten years, she has taught sailing and coached racing teams. She is also an avid sailor and racer herself as a member of the Transpacific Yacht Club.

With the help of Victoria Blatterman and the highly skilled attorneys at the firm, the George Sink PA Injury Lawyers have helped tens of thousands of people in South Carolina get the best possible compensation for their injuries and damages over more than 35 years in practice. Not only does she help the firm recover medical bills, car repair costs and lost wages, but they fight for their clients to get compensation for their physical and emotional pain and suffering.